Capture The Planet Idle

by Papigame

Capture the Planet is a strategy game where you play as a commander leading your army to conquer different castles. The objective of the game is to control and expand your territory by capturing castles and defeating enemy forces. There are bonus fields scattered throughout the map, which can be used to grow your army even further. You must carefully balance your armys strength and resources, while also taking into consideration the enemys forces and defenses. In order to be successful in Capture the Planet, youll need to use a combination of strategy, tactics, and quick thinking. With challenging battles and the ability to upgrade and strengthen your army, this game offers a unique and exciting gaming experience.


To play, youll first select and upgrade your weapons and soldiers, including the addition of giants to your army. Then, youll move your soldiers across the map, using tactics and strategy to defeat enemy forces and capture castles. As you progress and c

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